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We Tried Beyoncé's Activewear Line On Different Body Types

Ivy Park has officially arrived.

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Ever since we heard Beyoncé was dropping an athleisure collection called Ivy Park, we've been dyin' to get our hands on some Bey-approved goods.

*prays this bodysuit transforms us into Bey*

So three of us — Chrissy, Lara, and Sheridan — headed out to the Nordstrom in Glendale, California, on opening morning to try some pieces IRL...but shit got weird real fast.

For starters, Lara was first in line at the store, but a woman took it upon herself to race right past her once the doors opened.

Lara Parker/BuzzFeed
Lara Parker/BuzzFeed

No chill.

Once we were in, we created outfits all three of us could wear, but first a little disclaimer:

* Some sizes were already sold out thanks to mass grabbers.*

* The selection ended up being quite small, since this was a Topshop inside a Nordstrom.

* We would buy anything we actually liked.

*Those rude-ass people who literally grab a big chunk of clothes off the rack all at once so they can sell them on eBay for triple the price or whatever.

And here are our typical sizes, for reference:

Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed / Via

1. Mesh bomber ($82), sports bra ($50), low-rise leggings ($62):


Lara: The mesh jacket felt rough, but way too nice to ever sweat in. I would never dare drop sweat in that jacket.

Chrissy: First off, let it be known that if someone actually forced me to go the gym without a shirt on, I'd probably just stand on an elliptical in a corner and cry until it was over. Also, hearing the words "low-rise capris" typically makes me want to vom, but these actually looked pretty damn good on everyone.

Sheridan: Definitely my favorite outfit. I ended up buying this coat because I felt that fly in it. Though my bottom half looks like I’m about to go to a cycling convention, I love, love, love the color of these yoga pants. Make them longer, Bey!

2. Mesh tank ($52) and high-rise leggings ($65):


Lara: I didn't think I would like this jersey-looking tank, because it reminded me of the unwashed jerseys I wore in high school when I played basketball, but when I put it on I was super happy. Like, I looked awesome? They are just plain black pants, but for some reason they felt DIFFERENT. More important. They were nice. I love them. We love each other.

Chrissy: I am SO here for Bey keeping the health goth movement alive, and if you've ever wondered what it would feel like to vacuum-seal your entire body, just take these tight-ass leggings for a spin.

Sheridan: The only thing I learned from high school is that jerseys hate boobs with a passion, and this one was no different. It looks like my armpits just farted. The leggings, however, were A+. Those bad boys were like really hip Spanx that you don’t have to hide.

FYI, this is what the tank looks like up close:


It's not just a black blob, y'all.

3. Mesh parka ($122), tank ($25), and sweatpants ($52):


Lara: I wish this outfit hadn't been sold out, because I really love the parka look.

Chrissy: The jackets seem to run a bit large in the Ivy Park line, which is good to know if you're buying online, but *whispers* don't buy this parka. I know, I know, it looks fucking cool in the campaign pics, but this thing will chafe your bb skin until it's raw.

Sheridan: Man, I wanted this jacket to work out so badly, it’s definitely my style. But the texture of the coat. Hmm, the best way to describe it is like that scene in The Mummy where the beetles crawl under your skin and eat you alive.

4. Bodysuit ($50) and sweatpants ($52):


Lara: The bodysuit looked cooler than it actually was on. I can't imagine actually working out in this, because, no, but I liked wearing it because Beyoncé wears it in the ad. The sweatpants were super soft and comfortable, and I would definitely wear them if it weren't always warm in California.

Chrissy: The crotch situation on this bad boy was NOT pretty. The rise was wayyyy too high on the sides, and it actually made my vag scream.

Sheridan: Alas, they did not have my size. I even tried to squeeze into a large, but this bodysuit was not ready for my jelly. It’s probably a good thing, since people were crawling around the store, ready to maim and destroy for one.

Final thoughts:

YouTube / Via

Lara: This collection is awesome, and I actually bought some of the stuff after unexpectedly loving how it felt on my body. Plus, Beyoncé created it, so there's that.

Chrissy: I didn't buy anything, but I think this clothing actually inspired me to start working out more, which is a miracle considering my main hobby is finding ways to avoid sweating.

Sheridan: Did I hate it? No. (The only thing I hate are people who assume I want honey mustard with my chicken fingers.) In fact, a lot of the items were really cool. I will say the texture and fabric choices were sometimes very...confusing, but I ended up buying three things, so, all in all, I can get down with this line.