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We Tried Beyoncé's Activewear Line On Different Body Types

Ivy Park has officially arrived.

Ever since we heard Beyoncé was dropping an athleisure collection called Ivy Park, we've been dyin' to get our hands on some Bey-approved goods.

So three of us — Chrissy, Lara, and Sheridan — headed out to the Nordstrom in Glendale, California, on opening morning to try some pieces IRL...but shit got weird real fast.

For starters, Lara was first in line at the store, but a woman took it upon herself to race right past her once the doors opened.

No chill.

Once we were in, we created outfits all three of us could wear, but first a little disclaimer:

* Some sizes were already sold out thanks to mass grabbers.*

* The selection ended up being quite small, since this was a Topshop inside a Nordstrom.

* We would buy anything we actually liked.

*Those rude-ass people who literally grab a big chunk of clothes off the rack all at once so they can sell them on eBay for triple the price or whatever.

And here are our typical sizes, for reference:

1. Mesh bomber ($82), sports bra ($50), low-rise leggings ($62):

2. Mesh tank ($52) and high-rise leggings ($65):

FYI, this is what the tank looks like up close:

3. Mesh parka ($122), tank ($25), and sweatpants ($52):

4. Bodysuit ($50) and sweatpants ($52):

Final thoughts: