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11 Ways Your Makeup Can Literally Turn You On

You’ll never need blush again!

1. This titillating "mascara."

My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Mascara, $15.

2. This surprisingly discreet "lipstick."

Sealike Lipstick Vibrator, $4.

3. This ~arousing~ makeup brush.

Pipedream Products Vibrating Make Up Brush, $9.

4. This high-tech mirror compact.

California Exotics Compact Vibrator, $15.

5. This seemingly-modest sponge.

Body Spa Vibrating Foam Sponge, $14.

6. This incredibly stimulating "nail polish."

Topco Clitoral Stimulator Nail Polish.

7. This super-handy "lip balm."

My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Lip Balm, $12.

8. This naughty lint roller.

L'Intimate Hidden Vibrator Lint Brush, $12.

9. This faux Paco Rabanne Lady Million perfume.

Rechargeable Diamond-Shaped Vibrator, $37.

10. This v. unassuming loofah.

11. And finally, this decked-out "powder compact."

Bedroom Kandi Make Me Over Vibrator, $69.

Have fun makeup shopping!

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