The Saddest 8-Yr-Old’s Letter To Her Dead Hamster

An obit/eulogy left out with the tissue box coffin of one dead hamster named Freddy Benson.

I am a nanny to one rambunctious 11-year-old boy and one rather demure 8-year-old girl. I arrived at work today to find this on the living room floor, accompanied by a burned out candle. I guess their hamster and first pet - EVER- went to “Hevan” over the weekend. The boy’s over-the-top attitude about it put me off but Julia’s quiet innocence made me want to cry. And usually I see these kids mostly as good birth control.

The elusive coffin containing the remains of the deceased.

The top Post-it reads:

“I love you Freddy and I always will. I hope you are happy in Hevan.


The bottom Post-it reads:

“Freddy was many things to us. He was mot just a hamster but he was my brother. He was part of the family. We do not know how he dies but we know that he always loved us. At least we know that it was not our fault. Freddy has died, but this will happen in life. The most important thing we know about Freddy [was that he] loved us and we love him too.”

R.I.P. Freddy Benson, R.I.P.

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