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When Betting On The Royal Baby Goes Wrong

One company ordered 5,000 commemorative plates. For the princess of Cambridge.

Betting on the royal baby was a hot market a week ago - including bets on a royal princess.

Alexandra, Charlotte, and Diana were the favourites...

And for good reason: back in March someone thought they heard Kate Middleton say she was having a daughter...

Which was then widely reported.

So it made sense for one company to order 5,000 commemorative princess plates, right?


Suddenly that bet doesn't look as smart.

5,000 plates is A LOT. Especially when they're wrong.

So after you smash a bunch of them in anger...

You try and make a little money back by selling 50 of them at a time for £150.

Maybe this clown might be interested.

The end.

If you're a clown, you can pick up your own commemorative plates here.