When Betting On The Royal Baby Goes Wrong

One company ordered 5,000 commemorative plates. For the princess of Cambridge.

1. Betting on the royal baby was a hot market a week ago - including bets on a royal princess.

2. Alexandra, Charlotte, and Diana were the favourites…

3. And for good reason: back in March someone thought they heard Kate Middleton say she was having a daughter…

4. Which was then widely reported.

5. So it made sense for one company to order 5,000 commemorative princess plates, right?

8. Suddenly that bet doesn’t look as smart.

9. 5,000 plates is A LOT. Especially when they’re wrong.

10. So after you smash a bunch of them in anger…

11. You try and make a little money back by selling 50 of them at a time for £150.

12. Maybe this clown might be interested.

13. The end.

If you’re a clown, you can pick up your own commemorative plates here.

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