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A Quick Chat With The Busker Who Sang "F*ck Off Back To Eton" At David Cameron

Robin Grey is taking his message on tour.

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Today he has broken cover and is going on tour. Sort of.

Newcastle… 11.45am for a 12 noon sing-a-long of ‘F@&k off back to Eton’ at the train station #fobte @billybragg

Londoner Robin Grey, a 34-year-old who describes himself as a "musician, gardener, radical historian, teacher, poet, land rights activist, mathematician and geek" will hold a flashmob at King's Cross station in London today at 6pm, where he'll sing the song that hit the news.

"Cameron literally only had about 20 people there with blue balloons and posters, and it was all so staged," Grey told BuzzFeed News.

"I thought, 'What happens if we have a people's gathering in King's Cross, with blue balloons and mock-up Tory placards, and show what a real gathering of people looks like, rather than this pathetic staged Tory party nonsense."

He was in the northeast to celebrate his grandmother's birthday, and hadn't planned on picketing the prime minister.

Chris Stokel-Walker/BuzzFeed News

"The Conservative party bus nearly knocked me over on my bike, and then when he got out the bus he had loads of people standing round him with balloons like a children's party, and I thought maybe he'd like a song," Grey said.

"He didn't look like he'd had a good 'fuck' in ages so I gave him a few."


Grey doesn't know the identity of the person photographed next to him, but did like his pink shirt.

"He was asking me to not swear because there were children present," Grey said. "I thought that was a very good point, so the next verse I sung had the lyrics 'please go back to Eton' in it.

Unsurprisingly, the busker isn't a fan of David Cameron.

"I think everything about him and his party and chums is totally endemic of these sort of overprivileged, self-serving small clique of men who still hold the balance of wealth and power in this country," he told BuzzFeed News.

"I’ve never had an interest in voting in my life until the last few years," he admitted.

Chris Stokel-Walker/BuzzFeed News

"But it's got to the point where the masses who aren't voting really need to wake up and realise they're being totally duped by these ruling elites. We need to stand up and make our voices heard in votes.

"I was really impressed at the three women in the leaders' debates. We've had women in parliament for the past 200 years; we should just have women in parliament for the next 200 years."

Because he lives in London and therefore can't vote for the SNP or Plaid Cymru, that makes him a Green voter come 7 May.

He singled out Natalie Bennett, Caroline Lucas, John McDonnell, and Diane Abbott for praise. "There are some people out there doing great jobs," he noted.

Then BuzzFeed News asked the big question: What did his nan make of his actions?

Chris Stokel-Walker/BuzzFeed News

"She loved it," Grey said. "My nan had her photo taken with Prince Charles, and she's met Nick Clegg, and she's very up for supporting her grandson in whatever mischief he does."

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