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15 Street Food Places You Must Try In The North-East

Because the best food isn't always fine china and tablecloths.

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1. Tandoori Naan Hut

Tandoori Naan Hut is an amazing roaming food truck business based in Heaton, serving up some of the best Indian food you can find not just on the streets, but in restaurants, too. With decent vegan and vegetarian options, Tandoori Naan Hut goes beyond the classic street food fare of burgers and fries.

2. Papa Ganoush

Papa Ganoush are based in Whitley Bay and Newcastle and serve up authentic Middle Eastern street food. Their mezze is ideal to eat on the move in the sunshine – even if sometimes the colder climes of the north east don't deliver on the promise.

3. Tokyo Kitchen

Whether it's bento boxes or katsu curry, Newcastle-based Tokyo Kitchen serve up the best Japanese food to eat on the move, or to take home and devour in comfort.

4. Scream For Pizza

Serving some of the best pizza you'll find in the region – in fact, the world – out of the back of Goldie, a trusty J7 Peugeot camper van, this street food wagon rocks up regularly at festivals and events (and is a recurring visitor to Gateshead's Staiths Cafe).

5. Parm Star

The parmo is Teesside's own culinary confection and Parm Star takes it on the road, allowing people throughout the whole north east to taste the greasy, cheesy delight that is usually the preserve of late-night takeaways.

6. Chucho's Tacos

Chucho and partner Emma spend their weekends serving up the best Mexican food you can find outside the homeland. Freshly preparing the tortillas in which their food is served, they're often found at Tynemouth Market putting a kick into the regularly cold sea fret.

7. On The Goa

On The Goa serves up Indian street food at festivals across the region. Their chicken kathi roll in a chapati is perfect walking around food that fills the belly and leaves another hand free for the next street food fare...

8. The Doughnut Guy

If you're able to look at this picture of little doughballs of delight without immediately salivating, you have a stronger spirit than most. The Doughnut Guy has become a mainstay at food festivals throughout the region serving that sweet hit that's often needed at the end of a street food feast.

9. The Little Fishy

One of the best sources of delicious food lies just off the north east coast, with the plentiful stocks of fish in the North Sea. The Little Fishy doesn't mess about too much with such great raw ingredients: it takes fresh-off-the-boast fish, batters it or breads it, and serves it hot and steaming around the region.

10. Pizzette

Pizzette is Italian for "small pizza" but the pies served from the back of this 1975 Citroen HY van make up for their size with their flavour. Pizzas such as the cinghiale (topped with wild boar) pack a punch – and really, who doesn't like pizza?

11. Monsieur Crepe

Every meal needs a sweet ending, and the crepes coming from Monsieur Crepe, Newcastle's first mobile creperie, fit the bill. The dishes are made fresh in front of your eyes, paddled across a crepe pan, and slathered with fruit, cream and chocolate to order.

12. Mojo Mixto

Cuban and Miami-themed street food is often overlooked in favour of Mexican or old-fashioned American cuisine, but there are few things better than a well-made Cuban sandwich, with meat, pickles and cheese working together in toasted bread.

13. Riley's Fish Shack

Though they've found a permanent location tucked into the rocks at King Edwards Bay in Tynemouth, Riley's Fish Shack occasionally venture out to street food festivals around the region where they serve up fresh fish served simply.

14. Longhorns Shack

Longhorns has built up a cult following in the north east food world thanks to its low and slow barbecue food. But the restaurants in Newcastle's city centre and Jesmond can often be packed out. The shack travels around sating those meaty desires with a cut-down menu.

15. Fat Hippo Burger Bar

The Fat Hippo does burgers, and does them well. It just so happens that street food is best eaten with one hand, on the move, and with succulent grease rolling down your chin. A match made in heaven, you'll want to try the Fat Hippo burger of the same name.