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    17 Speedy Lunches In Newcastle

    Sick of packed lunches hunched over a keyboard but only have an hour to grab something to eat? The struggle is real. We've got you sorted.

    1. Beef ribs at Bierrex

    2. Halloumi and roast veg stottie at Quilliam Brothers

    3. The Reuben at The Hippo House

    4. Any sandwich at Daniela's Deli, Jesmond

    5. Falafel wrap at Pink Lane Coffee

    6. Buddha Burger at the Painted Elephant

    7. Ham and cheese toastie at Hugo's, Jesmond

    8. Anything from Arlo, Jesmond

    9. Tacos from Zapatista

    10. Dumplings from Nan Bei, Grainger Market

    11. Pizza by the slice, Grainger Market

    12. Numero 1988 at Panis Café

    13. Oysters at Lindsay's, Grainger Market

    14. Greek food at Kafe Neon, Bigg Market

    15. Empanadas at The Collingwood Arms, Jesmond

    16. Sandwiches at Olive & Bean Café, Clayton Street

    17. Chicken Caesar salad, COOP Chicken House

    The Painted Elephant is near the City Library. A previous version of this post said it was near Eldon Garden.

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