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    6 Soap Stars Who Tried A Career In Music

    Chris "The Phantom" Fountain's music career ended before it started. He's not the first soap star to try and climb the charts.

    Everyone say hello to Chris Fountain, 25. He's a former Hollyoaks actor who joined Coronation Street and found fame on Dancing On Ice.

    But that wasn't not enough for Fountain, seemingly. Last year he put on a (frankly weird) mask, sat in front of a camera and laid down some phat beats.

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    Sadly his employers thought the lyrics - "I'm a motherfucking demon, I'll stab you in the face with a diseased needle" being just one - were totally unacceptable. Fountain's flourishing rap career - and definitely his TV one - has halted.

    Not everyone's floundered at the first step, though. Here are seven soap stars turned pop star.

    1. Holly Valance

    Let's start with a success story, shall we? Valance left Neighbours in 2002 and released her first album, which was a top 10 in the UK. And it was actually really good, not least the number-one selling "Kiss Kiss".

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    2. Adam Rickitt

    Professional Coronation Street topless car mechanic Adam Rickitt became professional topless pop singer Adam Rickitt in 1999 after he left the popular soap. Truthfully, he was a bit of a flop, best remembered for being gassed on-stage at a gig by an unappreciative audience member. Rickitt moved into politics, but didn't get anywhere.

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    3. Kylie Minogue

    Kylie Minogue of course managed the move from soap star to pop star well enough. She's released 52 singles - a number of them chart toppers - and is one of the queens of pop. She's the anti-Fountain.

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    4. Sid Owen

    Man of the people Sid Owen (aka Ricky from Eastenders) risked it all by trying a reggae career on the advice of Barbara Windsor. (The pertinent information indicating that this was perhaps a bad idea is the phrase "on the advice of Barbara Windsor".) To storm the charts, he chose to cover Sugar Minott's song "Good Thing Going". He didn't have a good thing going, and returned to the soap.

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    5. Bill Tarmey

    Coronation Street's own Jack Duckworth was previously a lounge and club singer before joining the soap, so it's only natural that with his fame from the show he would record some songs professionally. Tarmey released three albums in the 1990s, from which the below single was taken.

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    6. Claire Sweeney

    Claire Sweeney was one of Brookside’s most bankable stars in the 1990s, and she turned to musical theatre at the turn of the millennium. From that she got a record deal and an album (titled “Claire”), which was a 15 track collection of covers with a smattering of specially-written songs for her. In a nice bit of symmetry, the highest it got in the UK charts was #15.

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