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33 Times Koalas Proved They're Actually Stoners

They're cute, cuddly and high AF.

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4. The weed snob.

"I prefer to smoke organic cannabis indica. It has less THC and more CBD, giving you a whole body high."


8. The stoners who go to a social event and feel really anxious and out of place.

'Coala session' before the start of the #G20Brisbane


9. The stoner who meets a big celebrity and looks baked AF in the photo.

20. The stoner who got busted by the drug dogs while bringing a quart over to your house.

21. The stoner who just wants to bliss out and listen to Sufjan Stevens.

22. The stoner who eats all the chips and salsa.

Then polishes off the leftover Thai curry in your fridge, and a box of chocolate Tiny Teddies you forgot you even had.

24. The stoner who always greens out. Every. Damn. Time.

"I'm just ... I'm going to need half an hour."


26. The medicinal marijuana user.

Facebook: video.php

29. The surfie stoner.

This koala enjoys gum leaves and long walks on the beach at Shoal Bay. Our Fan Photo of the Week by Lisa Elvy!

31. The stoner who only ever wants to go to sleep after they toke.

32. The stoner who thinks everything is too fucking funny.

"The poop emoji! Lololololololol!"

33. And the non-stoner whose friends are all stoners.

Also known as the passive stoner.