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The 27 Most Australian Facebook Updates Ever

If it's not here, you didn't post it.

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A sunset over a capital city.

Adapted from Ingjye Huang / CC BY-NC-SA / Via Flickr: calium

A storm over a capital city.

Adapted from penguincakes / CC BY-NC-SA / Via Flickr: penguincakes

A tiny amount of snow in a regional town.

Adapted from Ian Sutton / CC BY-NC-SA / Via Flickr: 22616984@N07

Your coworker's holiday in Bali, accompanied by an amusing caption.

Adapted from Michael O'Donnabhain / CC BY-NC-SA / Via Flickr: maukee

Your mum and dad swimming with the dolphins at Monkey Mia.


Your mates getting munted at Splendour.


This moral outrage.


This crime against humanity.


This outburst of righteous anger ...


... and the inevitable aftermath.

Kham Tran / CC BY / Via

Someone sharing a fake giveaway of Qantas tickets just in case.

Adrian Pingstone / Via

An inspirational quote from someone doing Tough Mudder, Color Run, or the City to Surf.


Someone's toddler in a sun-protective hat.


Helpful advice on healthy living from your aunt in Mullumbimby.

The racist rant.

MonkeyCrumpets / Via

The disillusioned voter.


The Saturday morning Instagram auto-posted to Facebook.


The Sunday morning Instagram auto-posted to Facebook.

Adapted from Zach Inglis / CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: zachinglis

The friendship test.


The reality TV conspiracy theory.


A huntsman on somebody's bedroom wall.

Adapted from Airport_Whiskey / CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: greentrench

This universal frustration.


This familiar setback.


A TBT to a school formal.


Your mate's pic of the time he ran into Toadie from Neighbours.

James Thornett / CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: apenguincalledelvis /

A rainbow lorikeet on a verandah.

Amy Hatchwell / CC BY-NC-SA / Via Flickr: snarff

And an iceblock on a hot day.

Chris Rodley for BuzzFeed