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What It's Really Like To Shop At IKEA

Damn you, Sweden.

So you and your roommate just moved into a new place!

But now you need furniture to fill it.


(God noises)

Look at all these glorious home goods!


So many options and ideas.

You could maybe even live here.

OK, enough dillydallying. Time to get to work.

You start thinking you could use everything you see.

You could really use a new lamp or three.

Not just want, but NEED.

Wait, where are we?

Oh, good, a map....

Delirium sets in.

Then despair.

It's fine, you totally have time to refuel.


Meatballs covered in gravy with fries is EXACTLY what you need.

OK, back to work.

Your roommate is starting to lose steam.

If you have to refer to something by its bizarre unpronounceable Swedish name again...

You might actually flip your shit.

Take a deep breath, it's almost over.

You turn the corner for the warehouse portion.

Uh-oh. You really should have been better about writing down those item numbers.

That one piece of furniture you ACTUALLY needed? Not. In. Stock.

You mutually decide to divide and conquer this vast land.

And you're finally done. Let's get outta here!

You see the line to check out.

Stay cool.

Until you see the receipt.

Only about $2,000 more than you were planning to spend.

Can you even afford that 50-cent hot dog??

But the experience is OVER. And that's what matters.

OK, ready to leave.

All right, let's load the car.

It's cool, there's totally space back here.

Yay! You're home!

My god, there are so many boxes.

Whatever, you'll deal with it tomorrow.