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    Mar 29, 2013

    How To Make Your Own Peep-Tastic Work Of Art

    Good Morning America asked BuzzFeed to come up with something larger-than-life made of Peeps. So we decided to recreate Van Gogh's Starry Night. Pretty easy, right?

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    This is Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night.

    We needed something recognizable to make out of Peeps. Everyone knows Starry Night, right?

    GMA sent us hella Peeps.

    Macey J. Foronda

    In, like, every color.

    We figured out our color palette.

    Macey J. Foronda

    Printing out the picture to color match, and drawing a grid, were the keys to starting this process.

    We needed a big board and something to pin the Peeps.

    Chris Ritter

    T-pins were perfect!

    Chris Ritter

    Ideal for securing the Peeps to the board.

    Our supply list was short.

    Macey J. Foronda

    We used:

    30x42" cardboard board

    T-pins (600)

    Blue tape


    Ready... Set... Go!

    Macey J. Foronda

    We prepped our board with blue masking tape so the background matched our color scheme. After making a quick free-handed sketch, we starting filling it in with Peeps.

    In all, we used 516 peeps.

    Macey J. Foronda

    It came out pretty close to the original.

    Macey J. Foronda

    But is maybe not ideal to hang on your wall. It is, after all, made of Peeps.

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