17 Bronies Review The Official “My Little Pony” iPhone Game

We went to a NYC My Little Pony meetup and asked some die-hard fans of the show to rate the new game on a scale of 1-4 hooves. But for some, four hooves were not enough.

The official “My Little Pony” game is now out for both iPhone and Android.

It looks like this. It’s free to download on both iPhone and Android.

It’s essentially a skin of Farmville.

But set in Equestria (the world the My Little Ponies live in) with plenty of in-jokes for the MLP fandom.

1. 4/4 hooves

2. 4 sparkly hooves out of 4

3. 3/4 horseshoes

4. 4/4 hooves

5. 2.5/4 horseshoes — he thought it could have been better

6. 4/4 hooves

7. 3/4 horseshoes

8. 5/4 horseshoes

9. Another enthusiastic improper fraction!

10. Pretty sure that’s 11/10 hooves, which completely goes against our grading rubic, but we let it slide.

11. Bronies clearly do not care about proper critical grading guidelines.

12. 4/4 stars

13. 4/4 hooves

14. 4/4 horseshoes

15. That’s 8/8 hooves on one pony

16. The BuzzFeed staff even tried it — I liked it so much I gave it 5/4 horseshoes.

17. Our photographer Chris gave it 3/4 hooves because loading times were a little long. Oh, well!

All extra proceeds of the Brony-NYC meetup went toward the New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.

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