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What Is DOOH Marketing And How Will It Change Over The Next 5 Years?

Another aspect of adtech you've absolutely seen around but probably didn't know how it works.

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Digital Out of Home (ie: DOOH) refers to advertising that is targeted to you outside of your home on the go. Think of billboards, advertisements on top a gas pump, advertisements in waiting areas, etc. We caught up with Burr Smith, the CEO of Broadsign to learn what is coming in DOOH marketing.

Content Convergence

Looking at ad tech’s current trajectory, advertising will soon be part of the individual’s daily life in a much more intelligent way, and there will be less of a separation between advertising inside and outside of the home. The content individuals see online, on TV and out of home will converge more closely. This shift, however, will not come without privacy concerns that will need to be addressed.

Holistic Approach

Ad tech developments in DOOH over the next few years will spur significant disintermediation and changes in the advertising market that will ultimately change how DOOH is addressed. We’ll start to see out of home merge with the larger digital marketing industry. It will no longer be its own independent process, but become a larger part of how an advertising campaign is designed and delivered.

Screens at Scale

Publishing a DOOH ad campaign with significant audience reach is currently complex, with displays that are widely dispersed and vary in size and resolution. Furthermore, digital signage networks often operate on proprietary content management systems (CMS) that don’t share common rules, making it difficult to aggregate content across multiple networks of screens. In the next three to five years, this process will improve as new solutions emerge to address these challenges, and Broadsign is among a small group of companies on the supply side moving quickly to develop this technology. With these changes, agencies and brands will be able to execute campaigns across larger networks of screens in creative new ways, publishers will gain access to a larger pool of ad dollars and consumers will see more valuable content in their daily lives.

Targeted Content

The quality of data that publishers receive in DOOH will improve with emerging ad tech developments. New camera tracking and geolocation solutions will collect higher quality data for more accurate, relevant audience targeting, while also ensuring privacy and security. DOOH standards will then begin to emerge and closely resemble those already established in online advertising, and DOOH publishers will be able to learn more about audiences in a way that no one currently can

Platform Standardization

A handful of preferred digital ad tech platforms in DOOH will emerge, and the industry will begin to standardize, which will spur dramatic growth for DOOH overall. We’ve seen this happen in other industries, just look at Microsoft Office, Corel’s Word Perfect and Apple’s Pages as an example.

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