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    If People Were Honest On Valentine's Day

    Bottom line: expensive AF.

    Have you ever wondered what people really mean when they talk?

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    Because nobody says what they actually mean all the time.

    Especially on Valentine's Day.

    Valentine's Day can feel like a contest where you have to prove your affection with money and gifts.

    And if you're not even super happy in your relationship? Yikes.

    What are you even supposed to talk about at fancy restaurants??

    It's impossible to be real when you're thinking about something scary you're planning to do.

    Having to wait tables on Valentine's Day? How could you ever say what you really think?

    Getting engaged in public can seem so performative, it makes you wonder what the happy couple is really thinking.

    And if you have to react politely to other people being happy when you're kinda miserable? The worst.

    Valentine's Day can be a time you're pressured to pretend everything is perfect when it's totally not.

    There are things you would never say out loud, but you feel them so strongly it's like you might as well be broadcasting them on all frequencies.

    Sometimes, though, what you say is EXACTLY what you mean.