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Let Us Recommend Where You Should Eat In London This Week

Eat the best burgers in town at MeatLiquor.

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In The Beginning, there was Meatwagon.

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Inspired by food found during trips across the States while working for the Royal Ballet Company, Yianni Papoutsis sets up in a car park in Peckham in 2009, and almost immediately is a local hit. A couple of years later, after his van is stolen, he is offered a space above a pub in New Cross owned by Scott Collins and they call this new venture #meateasy. London falls in love, the queues snake down the road, a food cult is born.

#meateasy burned bright and fast, and before long it was obvious more permanent (and bigger) premises were needed.

So in late 2011 the gang –and their legions of fans – decamp to a strange dark spot under a multi-story car park near Bond Street. MeatLiquor is finally where it needs to be.

They serve bloody brilliant burgers.

Instagram: @hfj___

So why all the fuss? Simply the one thing that had them queuing in the rain in Peckham in 2009 and has them queuing down Wellbeck St today – the food. Firstly, the burgers, made from never-frozen beef, seared to order and with semi-sourdough buns steamed under a cloche for that glistening, meaty glow, lubricated with yellow cheese.

They are the benchmark West Coast USA style burger, a masterclass in burger craft.


And dish up wonderful wings.

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Also on the "must have" list are the Bingo Wings. Inspired by the American diner classic Buffalo Wings, these instead use a sauce made in Peckham for extra London cred. You get a huge pile of them for £7 and the blue cheese dip is thick with chunks of proper cheese.

Be sure to get stuck into the cocktail list.

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The drinks at #meateasy were always just as much of a draw as the food, and MeatLiquor continues the tradition with a fine list of interesting (and occasionally surprisingly strong) concoctions. Try the Game Over – so dangerously potent (and tasty) it's limited to two per person.

Up for a challenge?

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If you think you can handle it, take the Triple Chili Challenge. Eat a Green Chili Cheeseburger, a Chili Dog and a portion of Chili Fries in under 10 minutes, and they're free. A leaderboard on the wall lists impressive recent times – astonishingly, under 4 minutes is not uncommon.

And you can stay all night.

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Thanks to the dim lighting and neon, it always feels like midnight at MeatLiquor even when it's midday. And once you're a few cocktails in, hours pass by like minutes. It is possible to stop by for a (signature burger) Dead Hippie at midday (Mondays are quiet), but much more fun to make a night of it with a bunch of friends.


What's the damage?


A Dead Hippie, fries and a cocktail should make your bill about £20, so pretty reasonable considering. MeatLiquor, then, template for a thousand other street food heroes made good (see also: Patty & Bun, Lucky Chip, Burger Bear) and as much filthy, grease-soaked fun as you can have with your clothes on. A true London institution.

Every week we’ll recommend a new place to eat in London. Let us know in the comments where you think we should feature next!

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