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    Here's Where You Should Eat In London This Week

    Where will you find the most authentic Thai food experience in the capital? Why, in a basement karaoke bar in Paddington, of course...

    You're not going to find better Thai food in London than at the Heron.

    First things first, head downstairs.

    How's your Thai?

    Chris Pople / Via

    Don't worry – it's true that in the early days there was no English translation of the menu. On my first visit I took along a printout from a Thai-speaking blogger who had helpfully translated all menu items into English. But these days there is an English menu available and there's always been the incredibly friendly staff to assist.

    Even the snacks pack a punch.

    Chris Pople / Via

    You'll rarely find pub nuts like these – toasted to a delicate brown, nestled amongst spring onions and shallots and studded with sharp chunks of kaffir lime, it's a colourful, playful dish to get things off to a zing. Watch out for the chilli – the Heron doesn't hold back on those.

    Then onto the soup.

    Then let the games begin.

    Everything is special.

    Try the laab – with caution!

    What's the damage?

    Looking for more recommendations? I've just released an app, Where To Eat In London 2016.

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