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Disney Princess Ranked In Pro-activeness

The Disney Princesses in ranking on how Proactive they are. What does Proactive mean? In this list it means who actually does something, who drives their story and who makes an effort.

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3. 3. Ariel

As this was seen, thousands of feminist souls shrieked in terror. Before I get half of my hate from people talking about how she's a bad role model and the other half being people who know me saying I'm extremely biased I'm going to say this. Not only in the one film but in every piece of media Ariel is in, she swims with purpose ;) Everything she does is her own decision and her intuition makes her fascinating. Let's also remember for 1989, she was a very forward character for women, especially animated women. People also like to say that she had everything made for her, not necessarily, almost everything in her stories happen because of her.

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