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    24 "Daria" Moments That Are Just Way Too Relatable

    "No life. No hope. No future."

    1. When you know you have work to do, but can already see the end result.

    2. When the constant pressure of the question, "Have you thought about what you're going to do with your life?" has finally gotten to you.

    3. When you're consistently sarcastic and a hint of being genuine shows up and you need to shut that shit down.

    4. When you look at yourself in the mirror before heading out and say, "This is as good as it's going to get."

    5. When Friday hits and you're making plans with your friends.

    6. When the constant chatter about those "damn" millennials finally gets to you.

    7. When your mom tells you to enjoy some fresh air but you really don't have time for it.

    8. When your coworkers are complaining about how hungover they are but you went to bed at 9 p.m. because you're a sensible, mature adult.

    9. When a family member asks you to babysit and you don't even bother to make up an excuse to back out.

    10. When you decide to switch it up for a change and go out, only to feel instant regret.

    11. When you're getting a haircut and you're just sitting there, looking in the mirror like, "Damn, is that what I look like?"

    12. When your alarm goes off in the morning and you can't help but think if your job is really worth it.

    13. When your best friend finally leaves her fuckboy boyfriend and you're her number one supporter.

    14. When your hot coworker says hi to you but you end up mumbling an incoherent response, causing them to awkwardly walk away.

    15. When your overly chatty coworker feels the need to dump their life problems on you at 8:15 in the morning.

    16. When someone feels the need to ask you why you always have "resting bitch face."

    17. When you're at a club and a guy buys you a drink and somehow expects you to have sex with him immediately after.

    18. When you've had a bad day and just need to vent to your bestie.

    19. When someone tells you how much they enjoyed high school, and how they truly are the "best years of your life."

    20. When it's time for your annual work retreat, and you're already doubting why you showed up in the first place.

    21. When you hear someone complaining about a problem that can easily be fixed.

    22. When you're at a family gathering and everyone in your family asks you why you're still single.

    23. When you have absolutely no time for anyone's bullshit.

    24. And finally, when you have 34 things you need to get done today but you get exhausted just looking at your list.

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