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23 Reasons Fall Is The Best Time Of The Year

Please don't argue with me on this.

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1. It's socially acceptable to wear flannel every day of the week.

The CW

2. Pumpkin spice lattes are back in full effect.

3. And it's not just coffee. Pumpkin spice is now a flavor for literally everything.

People Great Ideas

4. Your daily commute begins to look like this.

Instagram: @mariah

5. Which means the leaves will change into an ungodly beautiful assortment of colors.

6. Beautiful leaves you can play in to your heart's content.

Instagram: @shibamila

7. You can bust out your fav Fall themed decorations.

Instagram: @windyhice87

8. Halloween is right around the corner.

9. Which means you can start watching the greatest Halloween-themed movie to ever exist: Halloweentown.


Please, don't come for me on this. I have receipts.

10. You can also watch every Halloween movie to exist.*

*As if you don't already do this throughout the rest of the year.

11. Every store you were once familiar with suddenly turns into a Halloween/Thanksgiving wonderland.

The Piggy Bank Blog

12. You can FINALLY bring the scents of fall indoors.

Admit it, you buy them in bulk.

14. The weather is perfect for lighting a campfire, making s'mores, and cuddling up with your boo.

15. Baking has become that much more enjoyable.

Instagram: @alexandra

16. State and county fairs have officially arrived.

Instagram: @jarsh_alexander

17. Which means it's the only time of the year you can get delicious treats like this.

If this picture doesn't fill your Fall-loving heart full of joy, I don't know what will.

18. Or see a menu full of these items in general.

Toasted S'more Marshallow Shake? Sure.

19. Friday night football games have been reinstated.


20. You can go to a pumpkin patch as many times as your heart desires.

Instagram: @mareetruelove

Spoiler alert: It's never enough.

21. You can binge Gilmore Girls because it perfectly captures the essence of Fall.


22. You can finally see your breathe when it's cold out.


23. And finally, holiday season is right around the corner.

Instagram: @christmastimeisnear17

24. Happy Fall, ya'll!

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