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23 Fall Treats That Will Make You Want To Forget Your Diet

Calories don't count until January.

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1. These cute little apples that would go perfect with your pumpkin spice latte.

Instagram: @lapetite_academy

2. These pumpkin cookies that we'd definitely* eat only one of.

*Not likely.

3. Or these pumpkin cupcakes that would take seconds to inhale.

4. This candy corn mix that is literally what dreams are made of.

Instagram: @delicious

5. This pumpkin spice marshmallow dip that we probably won't share with anyone else.

I mena, just LOOK at it.

6. These cake pops that almost look too perfect to eat.

Instagram: @leahshomemadecakes

I'd still take a bite, though.

7. This apple crisp in a jar that makes not going to the gym seem worth it.

8. These protein packed pumpkin muffins* that will make some of the guilt go away.

Instagram: @bbcgreensboro

*Say that four times fast.

9. These pies that we actually wouldn't mind sharing.

10. These donuts that undoubtedly taste like October 31st.

Instagram: @twintailsmarket


11. This homemade pumpkin butter we'd just stare at before eating.

12. This cobbler that does not need any explanation.

Instagram: @thenaturalnurturer

13. These cookies that would pair perfectly with your hot chocolate.

Instagram: @fall_holiday_treats

14. These apple cinnamon oatmeal whoopie pies that are the perfect bite-sized treat.

Instagram: @yupcakes

15. These pumpkin cinnamon rolls that were actually made for Fall mornings.

Instagram: @fromfood2fit

Trust us on this one.

16. This maple ice cream that will make you want eat dessert before dinner.

Instagram: @mindovermatter123

17. These pumpkin waffles that will make anyone a breakfast person.

Instagram: @amberkingfitness

18. These candy corn rice crispy treats that will make you forget about the real thing.

Instagram: @lscostless

19. These adorable cookies that go just right with your scary movie marathon.

Instagram: @twobostonsboutique

20. This apple pie oatmeal that is acceptable for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Instagram: @treats_with_a_twist

21. This dulce de leche intertwined with s'mores because you deserve it.

22. These apple pie marshmallow squares that are the stuff of legend.

Instagram: @fall_holiday_treats

23. And this pumpkin spice latte, that is quite possibly heaven-sent.

Instagram: @simply_well
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