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22 Tumblr Posts That Will Make Every Introvert Say, "Yup"

No, I'm not in a bad mood.

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1. People constantly think you're in a bad mood.

2. You've acted interested in plans you knew you weren't going to be involved in.

3. You become a recluse when your parents have guests over.

4. Going out sounds fun in theory and then this happens.

5. You love your space, but also know the potential dangers of getting lost in your own thoughts.

6. Gathering the strength for a social gathering can take days, sometimes weeks.

7. A sudden change of plans can literally ruin your day.

8. You're constantly torn between enjoying your space and seeking companionship.

9. You've cancelled plans more than once for more ~important~ engagements.

10. Your room is your sanctuary and you only leave it when absolutely necessary.

11. You sometimes give into peer pressure too easily.

12. Getting a call from an unknown number is literally a nightmare.

13. You've gone to great lengths to avoid talking to certain people.

14. Going out for more than 30 minutes is seriously exhausting.

15. You know the feeling of instant regret after making plans for later in the week.

16. You sometimes wonder how people make friends so effortlessly.

17. There's no greater feeling than finding a friend in a fellow introvert.

18. You may or may not have closed an elevator door just to avoid small talk.

19. There is no situation worse than this. Nothing.

20. Your alone time is extremely, extremely valuable.

21. You sometimes feel left out, even though you know you wouldn't have participated anyway.

22. But then you remember you're perfectly happy staying at home, living your best introverted life.

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