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20 Signs You Already Have Senioritis

Dude, the school year JUST started.

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1. Literally nothing sounds worse than getting out of bed during the week

2. When your teacher gives you an important assignment and says "This will count toward your final grade"

3. If you've ever done this when your teacher tells you the test is optional

4. When you tell your friends you're checked out and they instantly agree with you

5. You have eight papers, two tests and one quiz within the next week, but you've become a pro at procrastinating

6. Like, a seasoned pro

7. You've probably reached the point of not trying (or caring) hard enough to make friends

8. You've mastered the art of "looking" like you're doing actual work

9. When your teacher thinks you're taking notes, you're writing this down, probably

10. You become legitimately proud of yourself for "studying" for at least five minutes

11. When you guidance counselor tells your class about the importance of going to a university

12. If you've ever done this in your free period instead of actually studying

13. You've probably looked back on the past several years, wondering if anything was worth it

14. This happens to you quite often

15. This is the reaction you give when someone asks you if you've thought ~seriously~ about your future

16. Chances are, you've heard every ~life lesson~ your professors are trying to instill in you

17. But then you suddenly freak out, thinking you're about to be a part of the real world

18. But then you realize you're almost done, and suddenly you're like

19. When someone asks how you're feeling, this is your response

20. And finally, feeling unstoppable when you walk across that stage

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