21 TV Dads That Prove DILF's Are A Thing

    Y'all, these dads are ~snacks~.

    1. Jesse Katsopolis, Full House

    2. Jack Pearson, This Is Us

    3. Flex Washington, One on One

    4. Michael Bluth, Arrested Development

    5. Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead

    6. Eric Taylor, Friday Night Lights

    7. Ben Harmon, American Horror Story

    8. Luke Danes, Gilmore Girls

    9. Dexter Morgan, Dexter

    10. Christopher Hayden, Gilmore Girls

    11. Fernando Sucre, Prison Break

    12. Bill Hendrickson, Big Love

    13. Sam Bennett, Private Practice

    14. Jax Teller, Sons of Anarchy

    15. George Altman, Suburgatory

    16. David Sawyer, The New Normal

    17. Derek Sheperd, Grey's Anatomy

    18. Joel Graham, Parenthoodi

    19. Don Draper, Mad Men

    20. Adam Braverman

    21. Jim Halpert, The Office

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