15 Tumblr Posts About Halloween-Lovers That Are So Accurate You'll Die Laughing

    It's like Christmas. Only better.

    1. When you know you shouldn't be spending any money, but Michael's JUST released their new Halloween collection:

    2. When you refuse to let Halloween last just one day:

    If anything, it should last the entire month.

    3. This feeling we know all too well:

    4. When the temperature drops just one degree, and you know shit is about to get real:

    5. When you can't help but raise an eyebrow when you're at a Halloween store:

    6. When you're not ready to embrace Christmas just yet:

    7. When you can finally let your Halloween-loving heart free:

    8. When you know Halloween isn't just one day, it's the entire month of October:

    9. When you have to defend your passion to basically everyone else:

    10. When you need to find the balance between your personal life and work life:

    11. When you don't really enjoy trick-or-treating, but still love getting free candy:

    12. When you still struggle to realize that not everyone loves Halloween as much as you:

    13. But then you remember millions of people love Halloween almost as much as you:

    14. When you've been waiting all year to tell your fave Halloween jokes:

    15. And when October 1st hits, you become a pumpkin-loving Halloween fool:

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