13 Real Life Corn Mazes That Are So Insane You'll Want To Visit Them Immediately

    No, seriously. You will.

    1. This mammoth corn maze with two gorillas in the middle.

    2. This maze that pays homage to Charlie Brown.

    3. This maze that makes traveling across the country look easy.

    4. This beautiful butterfly.

    5. This maze that makes us want to yell, "Go long!"

    6. This maze that features a familiar TV duo.

    7. This maze that will, quite possibly, take you all day to get out of.

    8. This maze that'll make you want to watch Game of Thrones all over again.

    9. This maze that encourages you to shop local.

    10. This maze that'll make you want to join the Air Force.

    11. This maze that is not only huge, but also a ~subtle~ radio advertisement.

    12. This maze that is literally so adorable you'll want to walk through it twice.

    13. And this maze that basically shouts "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" for all to hear.

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