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    • chriso4e5327257

      I have been doing low carb for several months, and have lost about 20 lb I am not regaining. What low carb does for me is eliminate all the foods I used to crave. I was basically addicted to sugar: as George Carlin used to say about cocaine, it makes me feel like I just want more. I don’t feel that way anymore, and the craving is gone. I don’t miss the unhealthy snack foods I used to eat, and my meals are much healthier now with fresh vegetables and meats. Notice it is a low carb diet, not a NO carb diet. By avoiding “white carbs” (sugar, flour, rice, potatoes, etc.) I am eating “good” carbs in vegies without being hit by cravings for the bad stuff. It may or may not work for you, but don’t knock it til you have tried it. And eating out is actually easy-just ask for extra vegies instead of potatoes. I haven’t found a restaurant yet that won’t do that for you.

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