• chriso33

      OK, I’ll give her props for the “my life is buffering” line, but that’s the only thing I’ve seen her connected to thatIthought was funny. Ihave no idea if she wrote it. Oh wait, she must have because it appears that either she does absolutely everything on her show or she’s got an ego the size of India- the credits of her show have her starring, then it’s THE MINDY PROJECT, then it’s written by, then produced by and then we watch 22 minutes of her wittering while everyone else in the cast waits to say the three lines she’s granted them.Ifind Mindy to be massively egomaniacal, attention seeking and self-deluded, all of whichIthink comes fromamassive gorge of insecurity possibly instilled into her from her childhood- being “different” in high school (in England it wouldn’t have beenabig deal, and really people, it shouldn’t beabig deal anyway), family issues, not exactly being good looking (she’s not, there’s no arguing that) and being out of shape (“I go between chubby and curvy” is self delusional crap, you’re fat, Mindy).
      Now, perhaps so many females relate to her because of these struggles. OK. Ican see that. But is it enough to simply reference these insecurities? Are female audiences projecting themselves onto her and possibly self-deluding themselves? Aren’t we all looking for ways to make our lives happier? If so and Mindy represents the problems of the average modern woman, instead of just staying in the same behavioral time loop that keeps such people single, miserable and alone, perhaps show these eager souls how to overcome their insecurities. But no, we get her insulting men left right and center and ending every show with “I’m amazing just the wayIam”. No. That’s the wrong message. You weren’t amazing before. Nobody is. You may well beawork in progress, butIthink Mindy’s show along with NEW GIRL is giving modern women who are lost in today’s world an easy excuse to justify their own insecurities that make them anti-social and keep them where they are- miserable. Amore positive role model would be awesome and I’d be all for it. I’d also really like it if Mindy wasn’t so shrill and irritating, fake self-satisfied and just unconvincing asahuman being.

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