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I Became An Accidental Pescetarian And Lost 5kgs Of Fat!

It seems that swapping meat for fish is a great way to lose weight!

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Chris Naylor / Via

Since I moved to Norway I've found so many fantastic food options, including 'Fiskekaker' which you can see in the photo above. At home in the UK my diet basically consisted of red meat and carbs such as rice and pasta, and upon moving to Norway this month I accidentally converted to being a pescetarian!

As with any diet there are positives and negatives, but I have to say I feel a lot healthier since I gave up red meat. Fish is cheaper than meat over here, and I arrived to a freezer stocked full of the stuff, so I really just fell into it.

I'm certainly not missing meat, although I do have a pack of hotdogs in the fridge for the weekend, so I'm not doing this full time, but honestly, now that I can really see the benefits in such a short space of time, I'll certainly be making much better food choices in the future.

If you've had similar weight loss experiences after switching up your food choices, let me know in the comments!

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