Chris Murray Chris Murray is a legal malcontent who reads statutes for fun and occasionally experiments with sobriety. He voted for a Liberal Democrat once and has been seeking redemption ever since. He dislikes couscous.
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    • Chris Murray

      Our entire society is built upon the rule of law, so courtroom references are hardly abstract when discussing a crime. You cannot be punished because someone else says you robbed a bank or shot someone; there must be evidence. This is how we largely get away with convincing ourselves we live in a free society. Sadly the urge to reverse this central tenet of the civilised world is willfully pursued by people such as Ariane when the alleged crime is rape. We must do away with presumed innocence because to treat this alleged crime like any other alleged crime would be to allow for the possibility that a woman lied, which can’t even be contemplated by human beings; only patriarchy-loving, sexist, male, troglodytes.  Note also the assumption made by all who have a problem with this episode that the complainant was telling the truth. Personally I think she probably was too, but we don’t know, and in the absence of that certainty we must alway side with the accused because the alternative is a fast ride to jail - why even bother with a trial if the accusation alone is enough? If you have a problem with that it’s okay, but your problem is with the cornerstone of our justice system and by extension, our society. Not The Newsroom and not Aaron Sorkin.

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