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    Why Are People Searching For Zorrilla?

    Is it a stinky skunk-like beast? Sure, that's one kind of Zorrilla. But she's also the CEO of Louisiana's main animal control contractor.

    • Top Trend of the Day

      The term "zorilla" is riding high atop Google Hot Trends as one of the fastest growing search trends of the day, followed by "zorilla animal" at a close second. So what is a zorilla?

    • The Skunk's Cousin

      Ecorazzi points to what has been called "the smelliest animal on earth," the African Striped Polecat, commonly known as the Zorrilla.

    • The Human Zorrilla

      It didn't take much searching to find out that the root of the Zorrilla search trend is Ana Zorrilla, the CEO of the Louisiana SPCA. After securing a $1.92m, four year deal with the city, Zorrilla has come under criticism for using statements that some see as scare tactics; such as warning of packs of dogs running through the streets."

    • While the LA/SPCA budget will impact the lives of Louisiana residents directly, the question of why the search trend shot to the top of the list so quickly remains.

    • What I Wanted To See

      I would guess that Zorilla probably rose in searches because of the compelling imagery that comes to the minds of those who don't know what any Zorrilla really is. Personally, when I read "Zorrilla" I was expecting to see something like the image above. In lieu of any Gorilla Zorro's to be found, I decided to make one because something this cool obviously needed to exist. You're welcome, internet.

    • If you can make a better Zorrilla, post it in the comments!

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