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Weekly Viral Forecast: June 13th, 2011

Wondering what's in store for this week? We've got all the breaking viral videos, and emerging trending topics, you need for June 13th, 2011.

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  • 1. Must See Viral Video: Porkka Bohemian Rhapsody

    This mornings Must See viral video features Finnish street band Porkka playing Bohemian Rhapsody inside a rusty old Volkswagen Polo.  Okay, I honestly should be saying something about how much buzz has been generated by Katy Perrys new video for Last Friday Night but its already been all over the place and chances are youve seen it. My advice, pass on Katy and embrace the Porkka.

  • 2. Sarah Palin's Emails

    The state of Alaska released Sarah Palin's emails late last week, and top 10 lists based on things found in the documents have been a big theme of the weekend. The Atlantic Wire has their Top 10 Revelations From The Sarah Palin Emails, The Week has The Sarah Palin Email 'Treasure Trove': 6 Nuggets, and Uproxx did well with their The 10 Most Shocking & Salacious Quotes From Sarah Palins Emails. So, expect to see more along those lines throughout the week.

  • 3. Will Weiner Resign?

    With even more flirtatious photos of Anthony Weiner surfacing, Nancy Pelosi is asking for the Congressman's resignation.  Posts about other politicians involved in infidelity scandals who never stepped down reached over the weekend, including those complaining that they were tired of hearing about it. Although people are expressing a backlash against the Anthony Weiner sext scandal, that expression is only serving to feed public interest. Perhaps the only thing more ridiculous than this whole situation is the amount of watermark-on-watermark layering these photos have.

  • 4. Neil Patrick Harris' Tony Awards Rap

    One of the most memorable moments from last night's Tony Awards came in the form of an awkward rap by Neil Patrick Harris, recounting the highlights of the event as it closed.

  • 5. Beware "Lil Wayne Quotes" Spam

    The phrase "Lil Wayne Quotes" spike sharply this morning on both Twitter and Google Trends, but under closer analysis, most results lead to spam. If there was ever any substance behind the quotability of the New Orleans born rapper, it's buried under a pile of worthless links.