17 Ways To Annoy Someone With OCD

Every one of these drives me nuts. And I don’t even have OCD.

1. Incomplete Parenthetical

I couldn’t live with myself if I hadn’t closed the parenthesis.

4. Third Cop From The Right

Dude… just… damn it… just turn the damn thing around!

5. The Flag Of Bangladesh

What? Was centering too mainstream? Is there some significance about being slightly left that I’m missing?

6. The Nissan Cube

Someone at Nissan thought he was so clever by making an asymmetrical car, then naming it “The Cube,” and then justifying it through “thinking outside of the box.”

Well your idea is bad and you should feel bad.

7. This Misaligned Manhole Cover

Technically, a manhole cover doesn’t have a “right way” but when you’ve painted a goddamn line over it… I just… I’m itchy and can’t stop tapping my feet.

8. Disorganized Sweetners

9. “Dexter” DVD Box Set

What the f*$# was so special about Season Three that it’s the only season to not follow the “The X Season” naming convention?

10. 4th Row From The Bottom, 4th Row From The Right

Honestly, the minimalism makes it tolerable for me.
View the full set by Patrick Smith.

11. This Photoshopped Building

At least the architect who built it wasn’t as much of a troll as first suspected.

12. This Odometer Non-event

13. Continuity Issues In Films

These mostly fly right under my radar, but after you’ve seen it you can never unsee it again.

14. Nonlinear Punchcard Use

What are you doing to me?!

15. Sticklebricks

I’m fairly certain that these were invented for the soul purpose of watching little kids pull out their hair.

16. 14th Black Tile From The Front, 4th From The Right

Again, I’m fairly convinced this was the work of some kind of a sadist.


The fact that items 2, 3, 8, and 12 have no description.

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