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Twitter Trend: The Number Game

For those curious about why "Number Game" is trending on Twitter here's a brief explanation.

  • The phrase "Number Game" hit Twitter's Top 10 Trends list for the US this afternoon, causing many to ask...

  • Some Tweets claim the range is 1-150 while some others go for 1-500. As long as the range is at least as great as your number of Followers it should work.

  • No one who reads Person A's public Tweetwill know that 42, 113, and 9 are Persons B, C, and D. B, C, and D could just as easily find out Person A's opinion privately in a direct message. Person A is the only one who gets the reward of sharing private opinions in public. Persons B, C, and D stand to be rewarded with confidence boosting compliments. Because the game's results are Anonymous, there is no gamble of public shame.

  • Results look like this:

  • Originally from Facebook?

  • Rumor has it, the number game started on Facebook before coming to Twitter. There are a few fragmentary Facebook groups for The Number Game, linked below.

  • Even if some of the more negative posts seem to stand out more (ALL CAPS IS EXTREME!!!) the overall sentiment is mostly neutral.

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