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    Posted on Aug 18, 2011

    11 Things

    I can't figure out why so many people would settle on "thing" as the name of a thing. And this is excluding specific things like "Swamp Thing" and The Althing.

    1. The Thing

    The Fantastic 4

    2. The Thing

    John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)

    3. The Thing!

    A comic subtitled "Weird tales of suspense and horror!"

    4. Thing 1 And Thing 2

    The Cat In The Hat

    5. Thing

    6. Things

    Some low budget thing. (1989)

    7. Things

    View this video on YouTube

    A song by Bobby Darin (1962)

    8. The Thing

    A military vehicle produced by Volkeswagen from 1969-1983, also called the Type 181, the Safari, and the Trekker.

    9. T.H.I.N.G.S.

    Short-lived game/toy things from Milton Bradley. (1986-1987)

    10. The Thing

    A tourist trap just off I-10 at Exit 322 in Dragoon, Arizona featuring the mummified corpse of a mother and child.

    11. Thing

    The governing assembly in Germanic, Scandinavian, and some Celtic societies.

    Over time, the meaning of the word "thing" shifted from "assembly" to "object." The next time someone asks you if you're going to "the thing" they just might be referring to something very specific.

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