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    Updated on May 13, 2020. Posted on Jul 16, 2011

    The 'X All The Y' Meme

    When a good Hyperbole And A Half comic gets posted to Canvas and then Reddit, an original work can grow into a massive phenomenon. I put together a post of the best iterations I could find.

    The Internet Demands Attribution!

    Yesterday, I published a post about how to best utilize the Circles feature of Google+. Because my strategy deals with embracing the ability to creating a large number of ultra-specific Circles, the first idea for an image asset that came to mind was a recent meme I've seen floating around lately. I created the image you see here, and in my jaded, "no one even cares about attribution anymore, especially with memes" mindset, I initially neglected to include a link to the web comic from which the meme is sourced.

    To my surprise, a couple of readers recognized the image and did the right thing, posting links back to Hyperbole And A Half by Allie Brosh. Although, many seemed outraged that Allie's work was being repurposed, seemingly in ignorance to the fact that it has already become a very widespread meme.

    While I agree with the importance of giving credit to the original creator, I believe that the Internet at large, especially the communities of Canvas and Reddit deserve credit for spreading the meme that planting the seed in my brain to use this image, as I am only an occasional consumer of Hyperbole And A Half.

    To aid me in this quest to showcase as many iterations of this meme as I possibly can, I am utilizing a fantastic Know Your Meme entry written by my good friend and colleague Don Caldwell, and the thoughtful attention to attribution built into Canvas.




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