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The Top 10 Most Popular Vices To Give Up For Lent

Chocolate, sex, drugs... What's your poison for piety?

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  • #1. Food

    People mentioned all sorts of food that they're giving up for Lent. Most popular was chocolate, followed by an array of candies, sweets, and suprisingly, biscuits. [ed. note: Jack has informed me that "biscuit" is limey for "cookie."] At least one respondent claimed that they would be giving up food all together. May they rest in peace.

  • #2. Lent

    Giving up Lent for Lent? At least 13% of the top 100 results are just as clever as you.

  • #3. Religion

    Another 13% of our sample said that they were giving up Christianity, Catholicism, Jesus, or Religion for Lent. Does it still count as irony if it was totally expected?

  • #4. Your Favorite Website

    The top site to give up for Lent is Catholic Answers Forum, followed closely by Facebook and Youtube. This shouldn't be interpreted as though CAF is more addictive than either Facebook or Youtube; just that lent is more relevant to CAF. (yay Google!)

  • #5. Alcohol

    Whether answering with "drinking," "booze," or "beer," this is where the actual adherents to Lent seem to be. And that's fine. There'll be plenty of wine come Easter.

  • #6. Swearing/Cursing

    But... but... What about all the parts of the book that deal with whores and damnation?

  • #7. Porn, Sex, Masturbation

    People have so many colorful ways to talk about sex, whether it's with a partner or by themselves. Not included in this number were the three people who said they would be giving up abstinence or the other two giving up "consent."

  • #8. Charlie Sheen

    I think everything there is to say about Charlie Sheen has already been covered by now. Good call giving that up!

  • #9. Numbers

    Either people don't like doing math, or they don't like looking at scales, or taxes, or being accountable for anything that can be counted. Sounds more like how to spend Mardi Gras.

  • #10. Heroin

    You read that right. Not cocaine, not weed, not cigarettes, not even coffee ranked as high as heroin. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?