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Saying Goodbye Then Awkwardly Walking In The Same Direction

Most people agree that saying goodbye to someone only to find yourselves walking in the same direction is usually awkward. And people will continue to express this and relate to one another over it for a very long time.

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This minor faux pas has been happening to people since time immemorial. When exiting a building, there are usually two directions to walk. If you've already said goodbye without first asking "where are you headed?" then you have a 50% chance of feeling embarrassed.

The most popular of these pages has 34,027 Likes. Most member pages were likely created prior to the creation of the Like button since none of these is actually a group with any meaningful activity, so I'm treating the "members" as likes. Add them all together and there are over 64,000 people expressing that they identify with this source of awkwardness.

The "Socially Awkward Penguin" meme features thousands of unique iterations, and within that mass are some close repeats of the same premise.

Why would a person create new iterations of the same idea? Is someone being ripped off? Are people consciously refining the joke?

The most likely case is that each iteration was created by someone who wasn't aware that the "say bye, walk same way" premise had already been applied to the Socially Awkward penguin before.