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Portal 2 Potato Countdown

Good god! GladOS is eating our potatoes! On Friday, Valve released a countdown page incentivizing Steam users to play the Potato Sack indie games in order to "power up GladOS" with the hopes that the game would release early. Many were upset that the game didn't release this weekend, but something big has changed about the potato points.

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  • People are playing already?!

    Although Portal 2 isn't supposed to release until tomorrow morning, there are NINE people already active in Aperture Science's test chambers.

  • UPDATE: The 10:00 PM EST estimate is no longer on track. It may be as late as midnight. Valve goaded customers into purchasing the indie game pack The Potato Sack at a 75% discount this weekend.

  • The Portal 2 forums were flooded with complaints Sunday night when it seemed that the countdown wasn't speeding up, despite the accumulation of Potato points.

  • Potato countdown!

    As TheEscapist points out, the Potato Points are counting down at a rate of about 10 potatoes per second, meaning that we should be able to count on a release time of 10:00 or 11:00 PM EST!



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