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Peter Cullen Is A Machine... Also A Donkey

Most Transformers fans will agree that Peter Cullen is the only true voice of Optimus Prime. But there's a good chance that you've heard him in other shows and didn't even know it was him!

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  • K.A.R.R.


    In two episodes of the 80s TV show Knight Rider, Peter Cullen voiced K.A.R.R., sort of an evil twin to the artificially intelligent Pontiac Trans Am, K.I.T.T. Cullen later reprised the role for the 2009 Knight Rider reboot.

  • Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime

    Cast as the original voice of Autobot leader Optimus Prime in the 1984 animated Transformers series, Cullen reprised the role numerous times thereafter, including the recent trilogy of Michael Bay movies.

  • Gobots


    In order to compete with Hasbro's Transformers success, Tonka released their own morphing robot vehicle line of toys with promotional animated series known as Gobots. As though the entire concept wasn't similar enough, Peter Cullen was also cast to voice Spoiler, Tank, and Pincher.

  • Voltron Narrator

    There's no question in my mind that if Voltron could speak, he would sound exactly like Optimus Prime. But since Voltron is only a machine piloted by five distinct characters, Peter Cullen voiced the show's narrator in addition to the characters of King Alfor and Coran.

  • Eeyore


    Voicing awesome mechanical men isn't all that Peter can do. He's also played Pooh Bear's perpetually depressed, probably suicidal friend Eeyore in 11 films and at least three Disney television series.

  • Monterey Jack

    Monterey Jack

    Cullen also played Monty, the Australian mouse with a serious lactose dependency problem on Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

  • The Predator

    The Predator

    Although uncredited, Peter Cullen performed the Predator's vocal effects.

  • Murky Dismal

    Murky Dismal

    Cullen also portrayed Rainbow Bright villain Murky Dismal.

  • DuckTales Roles

    DuckTales Roles

    Bankjob Beagle of the Beagle Boys gang, Mad Dog McGirk, Admiral Grimitz, and more.

  • Additional Roles

    Additional Roles

    Cullen has also provided the voices of countless minor characters on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltles, TaleSpin, the Gummi Bears, Dino-Riders, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, The Chipmunks, Muppet Babies, Monchhichis, The Jetsons and scores of others. See his IMDB and Wikipedia pages for more!