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Keanu Reeves Twitter Trend: 'Bill & Ted' or 'Sad Keanu'?

The third Bill and Ted movie was already confirmed in September, but Reeves' recent interview with The Guardian has shot the actor up Twitter's Trending Topics list in a way that even the Sad Keanu meme couldn't. Or did Sad Keanu contribute to that? Let's take a look!

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  • Twitter Trend

    I couldn't help but notice that Keanu Reeves was trending on Twitter this afternoon. Considering the unprecedented popularity of the Sad Keanu meme in the 2nd half of 2010 I thought I smelled something amiss.

  • What the Trend?

    According to WhatTheTrend, the rationale behind the sudden surge in Keanu Reeves tweets had to do with the announcement of the third Bill & Ted movie. Isn't that old news?

  • Sure, we saw that news already three months ago.

  • What seems to be the cause of today's Keanu Reeves explosion would be this interview that Keanu Reeves gave to The Guardian's Ryan Gilbey.

  • Although the article touches on mentions of the new Bill & Ted film, and a fair amount of detail on his pet project Henry's Crime, nearly half of the article is about what the Internet really wants: the Sad Keanu meme.

  • Excerpt:

    He's in such cheery spirits that I don't mind mentioning the matter of Sad Keanu, but there's a definite downwards shift in room temperature when I do. It's not that he's frosty about it exactly; he just seems nonplussed whenever anything pertaining to his image comes up.

  • I don't want to give away the ending, so go read Gilby's full interview on The Guardian. So is The Guardian entirely responsible for the trend? Not entirely.

  • While The Guardian may have started everyone tweeting about Keanu today, it was the fact that three 90's stars (including Dave Grohl and Alicia Silverstone) were all trending at the same time that has caused the biggest and fastest increase. Grohl first emerged on the trends list today because of his birthday, while news of Silverstone's pregnancy put her on the list.

  • Now, there are tweets containing all three stars and their 90's careers in every permutation imaginable.

  • So now those three are trending, because they're trending. The snake is eating its tail. And I'm posting about buzz that's buzzworthy because it's buzz on a buzz-tracking feed of buzz. Dawg.