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Hey Dads, Here's What You're Getting For Fathers' Day

The top 10 fastest-rising product searches on Google in the last week look an awful lot like gifts that one might buy for dear old dad. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

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  • Nuvo Liqueur

    Okay, you might be wondering why a person would buy their dad a drink marketed to women. But seeing how Jamie Foxx, T-Pain, and Flo Rida have put the product in their music videos, it's possible that dads still got game.

  • Wine Aerators

    Fine wines get better with age, but to get the most out of any good red it must be allowed to breathe. Wine aerators such as the Vinturi Essential help to open up the aroma and flavor quickly.

  • Cigar Cutters

    They're affordable, small, and an essential accessory for enjoying one of the classiest vices around.

  • Dyson Fan

    It's like living in the future! It's a fan without blades! And it looks great next to the rotating electronic tie rack you got him 10 years ago!

  • Glucomannan

    Sure, there's nothing stylish or classy about nutritional supplements, but you know how Dad has to watch his cholesterol while getting more fiber in his diet? Of course you do.

  • Starcraft 2

    Sometimes dad needs a break from the family and the job to go handle territorial disputes in outer space.

  • Galaxy Tab

    What's that, you say? Dad already has too many gadgets? Go tell him that to his face and see what happens. He's only the guy who bought you your first computer. Even if he already has an iPad, he's probably curious about what the other tablet manufacturers have to offer.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Yes, this is the same thing. Don't blame me. Blame peoples' search habits.

  • Wireless Headphones

    I know that's very non-specific, but this is a round-up of what people are actually searching for, not a product review.
    If he's an audiophile and you've got plenty of cash to burn, maybe go with this sweet over-the-ear Peltor Bluetooth Headset. If your Dad is the type who'd be more proud that you got a bargain, I'd go with the Boss Audio Hp-10. But you go ahead and spend as much or as little as you want to on Dad's wireless headphones.

  • Color Laser Printer

    Again, because this isn't a product review, I won't recommend which color laser printer you should get.  You could drop as much as $3,000 on this HP Color LaserJet 5550dn which is great if Dad has some color-intensive home office needs.  But to be honest, he probably wants a photo printer and is convinced that laser printing is the only way to go. There's a huge range of great inkjet photo printers that tend to cost a fraction of the price of a laser printer. Personally, that's the route I would take.