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    13 HallowMeme Costume Ideas

    Want to dress as an Internet Meme for Halloween but don't want to be one of a million Rick Astleys? Here's everything you need to dress up as the year's biggest viral sensations, from Courtney Stodden to Nyan Cat.

    1. Nyan Cat

    • Pop-Tart pattern top

    • Rainbow pattern skirt

    • Cat ears and tail

    2. Scumbag Steve

    • New Era 'A-Tooth' Brown-Wheat fitted baseball cap.

    Take note: Boston Redsox hats are no longer available. You'll have to settle for a Yankees, A's, or Giants hat.

    3. Minecraft Creeper

    • Construction paper

    • Glue

    • Scissors

    • Carboard Boxes

    (Don't bring your baby to the bar.)

    4. Courtney Stodden


    • Blond Wig

    • Metallic Eyeshadow, caked on extra thick.

    • Open-Toed Shoes

    • Anything you consider slutty.

    5. A certain nude celeb we can't talk about.

    • Beige Towel

    • A Hair Tie

    6. Ted Williams: The Man With The Golden Voice

    • Woodland Camo BDU Jacket

    • Salt & Pepper Wig

    • Cardboard Sign

    7. Charlie Sheen

    View this video on YouTube

    Buy this really expensive Charlie Sheen mask, or just smoke a lot of crack and generally be an asshole.

    8. A Gropaga (The Cult Of Inglip)

    • A red robe.

    • A Captcha printed on a sign.

    9. A Brony

    Just buy a bunch of My Little Pony merchandise and carry it around with you.

    10. Princess Beatrice

    View this video on YouTube

    You can probably wear whatever dress you want as long as you have a hat that looks like a toilet seat with a ribbon on it.

    11. Steve Buscemeyes

    12. Rebecca Black

    • Long black wig

    • A teen girl's backpack

    • Indecisiveness about seating arrangements

    13. Harold Camping

    • Buy an ugly suit.

    • Carry a Bible.

    • Be really old.

    If you're in New York, check out the 3rd Annual HallowMeme Party, for the first time sponsored by BuzzFeed! Check out the HallowMeme Tumblr for more details!