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    Favorite 5 Viral Videos Of The Week

    The Debt Crisis, the Wall Street Protests, and an amazing Dubstep dance are among our top picks of the week from Unruly Media's Viral Video Chart.


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    US Senate candidate for Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren explains her economic policy, speaking from her experience as Assistant to the President, Special Advisor for the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Chair of the Congressional Oversight panel.


    Uploaded September 18th, the video has over 500,000 views and 68,000 shares on Facebook.


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    In this promo for the upcoming Puss In Boots movie from Dream Works, puss spoofs Old Spice's Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign.


    Uploaded September 22nd, the video has over 1.5 million views and over 103,000 Facebook shares.


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    Dancer Marquese Scott defies the laws of physics to the tune of Pumped Up Kicks by dubstep act Foster The People. The impatient would be encouraged to check out the slow-mo, wind-blown moonwalk at 2:47.


    Uploaded September 23rd, the video has over 2.7 million views and 447,000 Facebook Shares.


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    In this stunt for Carlsberg beer, unsuspecting couples find themselves choosing seats in a theater packed with bikers.


    Uploaded September 22nd, the video has over 3 million views and 379,000 Facebook shares.


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    Following the violent arrests made at the Occupy Wall Street protests last weekend, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell delivers a scathing criticism of the NYPD's brutal assault on otherwise peaceful protestors.

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