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BuzzFeed's Top 20 Videos of 2010 That You Should Have Seen

Presenting BuzzFeed's picks for the top videos that defined 2010. Whether we were amazed or appalled, emotions ran high in a year that the line between viral and mainstream virtually disappeared. In no particular order, here are the top 20. How many have you seen?

  • 1. People Are Awesome

    Not every extreme sports stunt online ends with someone eating pavement. This video is five solid minutes of epic maneuvers carried out successfully.

  • 2. Jessica's Daily Affirmation

    This little girl exudes enough self-confidence to melt even the most cynical among us.

  • 3. Double Rainbow

    Has the majesty of nature every overwhelmed you to the point of becoming a religious experience? Me either, but thanks to HungryBear, you can experience a double rainbow-induced rapture vicariously.

  • 4. Insane Clown Posse - Miracles

    America's favorite psychopathic clowns took a break from rhyming about rape and murder to pay tribute to the miraculous magic of (among other things) magnets. HOW DO THEY WORK?!?!

  • 5. Best Drummer Ever

    This is probably the most enthusiastic drummer anyone has ever witnessed.

  • 6. Self Potato?

    There's something really admirable about the confidence with which she delivers her answer. (For even more awesome Wheel of Fortune flubs, check out the list on Urlesque.)

  • 7. Katy Perry On Sesame Street

    Katy Perry'sHot and Cold Sesame Street appearance was never aired on TV for being a whole lot more of the former than the latter. I like to think that this is what the Internet was always intended for.

  • 8. Lady Gaga - Telephone

    In Telephone Lady Gaga proves that she doesn't have a penis. (Sorry, Tanner.)

  • 9. Ke$ha $tar War$ Video

    Ke$ha's debut single Tik Tok topped the charts for 9 weeks, making it a hit presumably among teenage girls. So how do you make a glitter-engorged pop anthem appeal to geeks? Simple. Just add Star Wars.

  • 10. Undercover Karaoke With Jewell

    Even if you're not a Jewell fan, you'll have a hard time not falling for ugly duckling Karen.

  • 11. Unanswered Lost Questions

    Remember that time when LOST aired the series finale without answering a damn thing, making you suspect that they had just been making it up as they went? You're not alone.

  • 12. Steve Carell Does Between Two Ferns

    Zach Galifianakis trades barbs with Steve Carell in the hit Funny or Die web series.

  • 13. Gingers Do Have Souls

    Did you know that when Trey Parker wrote the "Ginger Kids" episode of South Park in 2005 he was making things up? Youtuber Coppercab entertained millions in his angry rant for red-headed equality.

  • 14. Jessi Slaughter

    Eleven year old girls can be notoriously snotty, especially when their parents aren't watching. But after baiting her haters long enough, she and her parents learned a valuable lesson about the power of viral infamy.

  • 15. Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth

    Ever since David's dad recorded his post-dental delirium in 2008, hundreds of laughing gas copycats have tried their luck at viral video stardom. But where this video succeeds is its inclusion of the Internet's spirit animal: The unicorn.

  • 16. Basil Marceaux

    If I were to guess, I would say that Basil Marceaux Dot Com's brain is like prime rib: tender, juicy, and marbleized with fat.

  • 17. OK GO: This Too Shall Pass

    The "one take" masters did it again with this Rube Goldberg inspired video.

  • 18. BP Spills Coffee

    The BP oil spill was one of the largest disasters of the decade, and one of the most viral topics of the year. Funny Or Die came to the rescue to ensure that we'll keep entertaining ourselves to death.

  • 19. Epic Beard Man (AC Transit Fight)

    Who could forget Thomas Bruso, the short-tempered and misunderstood Oakland old-timer. Who in their right mind provokes a guy wearing a shirt that very clearly warns "I AM A MOTHERFUCKER"?!

  • 20. Bed Intruder Song - Antoine Dodsen and The Gregory Brothers

    If you had any doubts about whether or not a piece of viral internet ephemera could have mainstream appeal, then look no further than Antoine Dodsen. After the Gregory Brothers of "Autotune the News" fame got ahold of Dodsen's clip, they became the first Youtube artists to have a hit appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.