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BuzzFeed's Favorite 5 Viral Videos Of The Week

Every Friday we're taking a look at the most-shared, most-blogged about videos of the week from Viral Video Chart. Also be sure to check out BuzzFeed's top videos on Viral Video Chart, brought to you by Unruly Media.

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Introducing Facebook Timeline

Every time Facebook changes their interface, people become upset. But the new Facebook Timeline layout actually looks pretty cool.

The video was uploaded only 24 hours ago


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A New Class Of Social Apps On Facebook

Also among the most-shared videos released yesterday was another announcement from Facebook: newly verbified, app-generated statuses. Wait... what? The video demonstrates it just fine.

Incidentally, the way you get the new Timeline view involves some basic testing of the verb-status app fields. This other video explains that in better detail.



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Webcam 101 for Seniors


Although "Webcam for Seniors" was uploaded nearly two weeks ago, Tweets and blog posts linking to the video maintained high levels throughout the week, keeping it within the top 20 most blogged-about videos of the week on Viral Video Chart.


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What Does It Feel Like To Fly Over Planet Earth?

This stunning time-lapse take from the International Space Station offers a truly unique view of our planet.


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Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial

How does a local TV commercial for a taxidermy company turn into one of the most-viewed, most-shared videos of the week? Being produced by Commercial Kings Rhett and Link is a good start. Turning into a meme on Reddit is even better. For more on the Chuck Testa phenomenon, check out The BuzzFeed Interview.


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