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    Apr 29, 2011

    BuzzFeed Month In Review, April 2011

    Using a special recipe of the biggest trending topics, the most viral posts from BuzzFeed users, staff, and partners, we've compiled the definitive list of the most viral stories from the last month!

    • Donald Trump's Birther Stunt

      After a full month of Birther antics Donald Trump proudly congratulated himself for getting the White House to publish the Presidents long-form birth certificate. Weve rounded up the Top 20 Conspiracy Theories that have cropped up regarding the document.

    • Rebecca Black Takes Over FunnyOrDie

      If Rebecca Black was loved for all the wrong reasons in February, April Fools Day turned everything around for the so-bad-shes-awesome viral video star.

    • Charlie Sheen Bombs Miserably

      The last shreds of interest anyone had in Charlie Sheen finally died off this month after some of his live shows were met with horrible reviews.

    • Government Shutdown Averted

      The Federal Government nearly shut down earlier this month before reaching a last minute budget deal.

    • The Ultimate Zombie-Proof Fortress

      Reddit users discovered what looks to be the best place to hide out during the coming zombie apocalypse that were all sure is right around the corner.

    • Struttin' Alice

      Tina Feys daughter Alice was spotted walking with a certain familiar Haters Gonna Hate bravado; quickly becoming the subject of countless photo mashups. [note: I refuse to use the word swag no matter how much the public wants it to become the new bling bling. Cut that shit out, people.]

    • The Cast of Dr. Who Read Celebrity Tweets In American Accents

      The new season of Dr. Who kicked off this month to rave reviews and outstanding viewership. BuzzFeeds own American-sounding British ex-pat Jack Shepherd caught up with the cast to hear their best American accents.

    • Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes

      Steve Buscemi is an accomplished character actor, so its only natural to imagine what beautiful women would look like with his eyes... Thats not natural? Okay, I guess Im the weirdo.

    • Ticklish Penguin

      Stop what youre doing and watch this ticklish baby penguin. Do it.

    • Touch Wood

      Japanese ad agency Drill, Inc constructed what has to be the worlds longest woodblock marimba, that plays Bach as a ball rolls down. This is truly incredible!

    • Cadbury Cream Egg Recipes

      Cadbury Cream Eggs saw their annual sales peak thanks to Easter, and we rounded up 13 Delicious Recipes using the chocolate and fondant confections.

    • When Harry Met Sally 2

      Billy Crystal, Helen Mirren, and Rob Reiner starred in When Harry Met Sally 2.

    • 7 Memes That Went Viral Before The Internet Existed did the internet a solid with their roundup of 7 Memes that went viral before the internet existed, reminding us all that memes are not and have never been exclusive to the Internet.

    • Best Reason To Cancel Class

      The most anticipated game of the year, Valves Portal 2, released on the 19th to the rabid enthusiasm of gamers everywhere. At least one professor cancelled class because of so many students calling in sick.

    • Lego GlaDOS

      Portals GlaDOS, like anything and everything geeky, looks good in Lego.

    • Mario With A Portal Gun

      Old School video game hero Mario got his try with the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, vastly improving the gameplay of the classic platformer.

    • DIY Plush Portal Turret

      Whats this? A third Portal post? Im gonna be honest with you. Ive done little more than play portal for the last 10 days and I want this fan-made, talking, plush Portal turret more than is healthy for a grown man to want a toy.

    • PlayStation Network Down

      Lastly, Sonys PlayStation Network has been down for over a week and as of yet no one is entirely sure why. Im just glad I bought Portal for PC instead.

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