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Breakout Meme: Nigel Thornberry

For some reason, Nigel Thornberry of the '90s Nicktoon The WIld Thornberrys has become the subject of an explosive breakout meme. Showing up in face-swaps, pop song redubs, and as a Twitter Trending Topic, where will Nigel show up next?

  • Nigel Taking Over Tumblr

    Nigel Taking Over Tumblr

    Invading your microblogging platform. Via Urrs

  • Nigel Gaga

    Nigel Gaga

    Satirizing pop idols. Via I

  • Three Nigel Moon

    Three Nigel Moon

    Piggybacking on established memes. Via James-Yes

  • Sexy Nigel

    Sexy Nigel

    Corrupting your childhood.
    Via Virgin Slayer Kid

  • Justin Bieber feat Nigel Thornberry - Baby

  • NSync: Bye Bye Blargh

  • Ke$ha ft. Nigel Thornberry - Blarghgh Blarghgh Blarghgh

  • Wannabe - Spice Girls ft. Nigel Thornberry

  • Willow Smith Feat. Nigel Thornberry - Whip My BLARGH

  • Michael Jackson Feat. Nigel Thornberry | Billie Jean

  • Britney Spears - Till The World Ends Feat. Nigel Thornberry

  • Friday by Rebecca Black Featuring Nigel Thornberry

  • Sage Wisdom

    Sage Wisdom

    Via Big Nigga Trevor