Boxxy is Back!

    The Queen of /b/ is back! After a two year hiatus, the girl who stole the hearts of the "hackers on steroids" has posted a new video with promises of more to come!

    • Things Are About To Get Intense

      In the new video, a sans-eyeliner Boxxy shares some of her thoughts on the overwhelming attention she received from her videos (both positive and negative) and explains that a new, more highly produced video is on the way.

    • Know Your Meme: Boxxy

      For the uninitiated, the internet scientists of Know Your Meme explain how one teen girl divided Anonymous in two.

    • Boxxy on eBay

      Boxxy appeared again in November of 2010, this time on eBay selling her InuYasha messenger bag. Bids quickly shot up over $1,000,000 before the auction was closed, likely due to false bids.

    • Will Boxxy's return inspire the same sort of fandom as her original videos? You be the judge.