8 Real Products That You Might Believe Aren't Butter

    I'm not saying that any of these products are butter. I just trust your experience.

    • 1.

      You would. (via)

    • 2.

      I feel like this is a trick question.

    • 3.

      Oh, we're flat-out lying now, are we? (via)

    • 4.

      That's right. It's not butter. And frankly, I don't like your attitude. (via)

    • 5.

      Not sure if this is amazing or infuriating. (via)

    • 6.

      But then I was all, "you're right. It's so not! Crazy, right?" (via)

    • 7.

      I mean, have you had butter? (via)

    • 8.

      Totally 'shopped. I can tell from the pixels. (via)